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Wooden Fly Fishing Net, Rubber Mesh Net with Magnetic Release

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Wooden Fly Fishing Net, Rubber Mesh Net with Magnetic Release

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Hardwood Net & Magnetic Net Release
  • Won't Spook or Harm Fish: Made with clear rubber mesh, our tangle-free net virtually disappears in the water. Won't frighten fish or damage their scale. Perfect for catch-&-release! #keepemwet
  • No Rot, Mold, or Mildew: From its strong hardwood frame to its soft, sturdy mesh, this net resists wear & decay. Classic teardrop design measures 25"; hoop is 16.75" x 10.75" x 8" deep.
  • Release Keeps Net Handy: With our sturdy carabiner (included), you can easily clip our magnetic release to your vest or pack. That way, you'll keep your net close by yet conveniently out of your way.
  • No More Lost Nets: Trout on the line? Just tug the magnetic release. This frees up your net, so you can safely scoop in your catch. Never fear: Your net's still secured to the 9"-96" retractable coil.
  • Thanks to its tough construction, your Fly Fishing Set will come through for you time after time.


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This is so amazing, great little store and a beautiful wooden fish net! VERY COOL!!

James B.

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